Topic:  Policy on Supportive Services                                                                                             

Number: Operations 05-02; Updated 6/24/2009

Effective Date: 7/1/2009

Applies to:  Customers in CWP programs

Approved by: CWP Chief of Operations

Other Policy references: CWP procurement SOP



To set forth operational policy and procedure regarding the provision of supportive services under all programs administered by the CWP.



Supportive services are defined as those services or activities provided either directly to, or on behalf of, customers that are necessary to reduce or eradicate barriers to obtaining or retaining employment and/or maintaining training participation. 


The following principles should guide decisions regarding supportive services.  Specifically:





To receive supportive services a customer must


Appropriateness for supportive services must be documented by the career agent, supervisor, or program manager.  Requests for payments or reimbursements should be made by the career agent and should follow the CWP supportive services authorization procedure on the authorization form. Where possible, documentation should be completed at least 1 week prior to the receipt of services.


Qualifying for supportive services in no way establishes an entitlement to such services nor does it obligate or commit CWP to approve or provide supportive services of any type beyond initial determination.


Supportive services may include, but are not limited to:


Supportive services cannot exceed $5000 for any one customer enrolled in program activities.


Child Care Assistance Provisions:


The rate for childcare assistance is as follows:  The per-day rate for childcare allowance is $15 for a full day or $75 per week, per child, for full-time activities (30 hours of class).  The childcare provider must be authorized by the CWP, or the WIA contractor, and must bill for provision of service on a weekly basis and with documented attendance.  The employment plan must document that childcare assistance is not available through any other source such as TANF or Connecticut’s Care 4 Kids program.   Childcare assistance is subject to funding availability.


Cancellation of Supportive Services:  This statement of policy and some or all categories of supportive services under it may be cancelled or changed, in whole or in part, by CWP at any time and without notice, effective immediately or at such time as CWP may determine.  Exceptions may be made to this policy by CWP when doing so is in the best interest of CWP or its customers.