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Allied Health Workforce Initiatives

Capital Workforce Partners is collaborating with health care employers, educators and others and developing region-wide programs that address allied health growth occupations.

Explore Healthcare Occupations Here

Find out what occupations you m\ight be interested in!

The Capital Workforce Partners

Health Careers Project * - Apply today!

Do you qualify?

You qualify if you are:

healthcare worker1) Unemployed or underemployed
2) Seeking employment as a Nurse, Medical Coder,or Information Technology
professional in healthcare

Here's more about the RN PROGRAM

Please contact Frangie Cruz for more information regarding the MEDICAL CODER program.

More on the HEALTH IT Program coming soon.

SIGN UP TODAY   Just click this link for the application.
QUESTIONS?  Click here for our Q & A

If you have any other questions about the application process,
please contact: Frangie Cruz, HCP Coordinator at fcruz@capitalworkforce.org


The Health Careers Project *

trains unemployed individuals through occupational training; while obtaining industry-recognized credentials and on-the-job training participants receive enhanced and necessary clinical and technical skills and work experience.  Through the facilitation of a career coach, services such as assessments, career counseling, and job placements are provided.

Other News

One-Stop Career Center and Partner Programs offered through CTWorks One-Stop Career Centers in the region include employment services and training scholarships to eligible job seekers interested in pursuing an allied health career. 


See Locations, Dates and Times for Career Orientations at CTWorks.


Incumbent Worker Training

Incumbent Worker Training Funds may be available through Capital Workforce Partners, the North Central Workforce Investment Board, to companies focusing on Allied Health in the Greater Hartford area, to up grade skills of existing employees.  The training must result in employee achievement of skills upgrades, increased wages or attainment of transferable skills to avoid a lay off.  These funds can be applied for 50% of approved training costs.

Do You Qualify For Training Funds? 

Find out more by contacting Dan Garewski at dgarewski@capitalworkforce.org


Partners in the CNA Initiative

Capital Workforce Partners has invested for over five years along with educational, industry and institutional partners in programming for CNA advancement. Visit our gallery of Allied Health Symposiums which celebrate the accomplishments of participants and sponsors.




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