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About us | History/Mission

"We leverage public and private resources to produce skilled workers for a competitive regional economy"

We are:
  • A Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
  • Established under the Federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • A non-profit organization serving 37 municipalities in North Central Connecticut
The Capital dome in the distance
Capital Workforce Partners
~ Jobs for People. People for Job
  • A coordinator of programs provided through contracted private and public partners and service providers
  • Led by a Consortium of the region's chief elected officials
  • Actively supported by representatives from business, education, labor and public groups who serve on our Board of Directors
  • A partner in CTWorks One-Stop Career Centers
  • One of five workforce boards in the Connecticut Workforce Development Council (CWDC).
  • The workforce board serving the largest workforce investment area in Connecticut, with a population of over 950,000 and a labor force of over 486,000.

A History Timeline


29 town region.  Comprehensive Manpower Program under CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act)/ Holcombe Street

Partners Agencies included: CREC, ULGH, CRT, Poor People’s Federation


Hartford area Private Industry Council, Inc.  created through the greater Hartford Chamber Of Commerce to manage title 7 of (Private Initiatives program) under CETA – The Hartford area Private Industry Council, Inc. was one of the first incorporated nationally as a 501-C3.  Capital Workforce Partners identifies this year as the year it was “established” as an organization.  It was also the year, the organization started using the phone number 860-522-1111 for its central switchboard – that number is still in use today.


Dual organization.  There was a shift in Federal legislation that transitioned from CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) in the city of Hartford to JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act):

  • Required a private sector led organization.

  • Created Employment Resource Development Agency

  • Transition from being led by the municipality (1973 – 1983) to private sector -  led (1983+)
  • However, staff still city employees
The 90s represented a shift to a more “regional focus” for workforce development. One Stops had begun to be established regionally, technology put in place to support a broader system. 
CT Workforce Development Council (statewide effort) was formed to organize around welfare to work.  That Council is still in place coordinating statewide initiatives.
The CTWorks brand was established for the state’s One-Stops, which were located at this time in the Capital Region in Hartford, Manchester and Enfield


Moved Hartford One-Stop presence from Washington/Holcombe Streets to 3580 Main Street


Capital Region Workforce Development Board took over client services from ITT Hartford


The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) began to change the way regions administered welfare to work programs; and was enacted to replace the Job Training Partnership Act.


The Hartford Jobs Funnel began as Hartford Construction Jobs Initiative


The new millennium served as a growth period for the agency in terms of staff, services offered and impact to the communities served. Focused initiatives throughout the region spawned more community engagement in the workforce development process.


Youth Opportunity Grant was awarded - $28M


The majority of the leadership team, Tom Phillips, Alex Johnson and Pamela (Walsh) Nabors joined the Capital Region Workforce Development Board


Consolidated all staff to Pratt Street

  • Jobs Funnel relationship formalized
  • YES Academy launched for inner city youths


Consolidation statewide workforce regions from 8 regions to 5.

  • Capital Workforce Partners picked up 7 municipalities – New Britain One-Stop and Bristol
  • The Capital Region Workforce Development Board was rebranded to today’s Capital Workforce Partners
  • Hartford Jobs Corps broke ground – opened East Hartford satellite


Moved from Pratt St. to One Union Place – Hartford, CT

  • DOL closed Manchester office
  • WIA opened Manchester satellite


Youth Opportunity Grant sunset; and sustainability plan – the Hartford Future Workforce Investment System was launched in Hartford with five target areas – Youth Work Experiences; Hartford Public Schools Prevention Teams; Adult/Alternative Education; Justice Involved Youth and Tracking and Reporting


Youth Program YES Academy becomes “Career Connections” 


Youth Committee reorganizes youth services into Future Workforce Services to address specifically on addressing the alarming low graduation rates in the region’s city schools – and launched the Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program


Capital Workforce Partners 7 Career Competencies System launched


Through the procurement of significant grants, a major initiative to address the talent pipeline training needs of those in the Allied Health profession began to take shape.  These efforts are still in full force.


Closed East Hartford, Bristol, due to interim loss of TANF


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was passed to help alleviate the strains of a steep recession.


The Mortgage Crisis Job Training Team was put in place to help individuals who are threatened with foreclosure  to find employment services, training and placement assistance so that foreclosure could be avoided.


Hartford Jobs Funnel Serves over 2,000 in ten years


U.S.Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, partakes in Jobs Funnel 10-Year Anniversary celebration and chooses Hartford to host a national press conference on behalf of Youth Employment

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