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July 2012 - Branding - It's Not Just for the Big Boys Anymore - It's Personal

By Charles Botts, CTWorks

Branding is not for the big boys anymore. Traditionally we have come to associate brands with large retail corporations; “Just Do It”, “The best part of waking up”, “I’m Loving It”, “America Runs on Dunkin”. These are familiar tag lines and messages that we have come to associate with a particular organization and experience. Brands resonate with the consumer and when done correctly we can recognize a brand almost immediately. Being able to describe the attributes and values of a product in a brief and meaningful way is as much an art as it is a science. Corporations spend millions developing a brand that will have an impact, communicate the company’s value, and distinguish them from their competitors. Research has proven there is a bottom line impact on the effectiveness of a company’s brand message. Consumers are attracted to a company’s advertising, the more effective the brand message the more profitable the company. Executives and senior level professionals appreciate this concept and have utilized it in their own careers. For years executives have hired marketing consultants to help package themselves and present their organizational value, strategic leadership and profitability impact. The business community has known for decades; it’s not just about what you can do, it’s also about the value you can provide and the kind of impact you can make.


For many in today’s job market branding is an unfamiliar concept. Perhaps a term someone may have heard once or twice, but certainly not anything they would have considered relevant to their career campaign. While individual job seekers may not be as familiar with the concept of branding, it is a concept that every job seeker needs to embrace. The more competitive the job market becomes the more crucial it will be for individuals engaged in a rigorous career campaign to develop a unique value message that communicates their value-add and core strengths. In other words, in order for job seekers to transition from seeking employment to having found employment the individual must establish a brand. Unfortunately most unemployed individuals seeking full time employment are not in the position to hire a brand or marketing consultant that can help them craft an impactful message that will both communicate the individual’s value as well as set them apart from their competition. In fact many individuals are uncertain as to what exactly a brand message is, let alone be able to develop one on their own. If you have never taken the time to develop a brand message or if you have an idea, but are just not sure how to start the following five steps will help you to establish your personal brand message.



  • Determine your values. Take the time to dig into your beliefs and identify those ideas that you hold most dear. Our values are often times good places to excavate and find hidden motivators.  When we are motivated by our work and environment we are productive and successful. This exercise will also help you to determine the kind of organization for which you want to work.
  • Identify commonalities. There are threads that exist among our previous work experience. There are certain characteristics that we portray in all of our work assignments regardless of the job or industry. For example if you are a process oriented person than that is a trait that you express in all your employment experiences. Similarly if you are the kind of person that is able to engage customers than you are that way in some fashion in all your work life.
  • Consider your passions. What kinds of work activities generate a sense of enthusiasm and excitement inside of you? When we are passionate about something we are able to concentrate longer, work harder and generally invest more effort and energy.
  • List your accomplishments. Any recognition received, specific company awards, any special assignments or projects in which you were asked to participate or lead. Accomplishments communicate impact to prospective employers and that translates to opportunity.
  • Describe your goals. It is critical not only for your potential future employer, but also for yourself to articulate your immediate and longer terms goals. Goals provide vision, motivation and focus. By knowing what your goals are you can determine the best course of action to their achievement.


By completing these five steps you will have a solid foundation upon which to develop a strong brand message that will deliver results. An effective brand message will provide employers with a clear sense of your value and the potential impact you will have in the company. Branding articulates your unique characteristics and passions. Ultimately a strong brand message will focus your career campaign and lead to permanent employment in a rewarding career.


If you are interested in receiving more help developing your personal brand message or for any additional assistance with your other workforce development needs, stop into your local CT Works One Stop Center. Within its walls your will find experts and resources to help you achieve your career goals and provide you will tools and resources to be successful.



June 2010 - Capital Workforce's Althea Webber Recognized as "Professional Woman of the Year"

Althea Webber - Capital Workforce Partners

Capital Workforce Partners congratulates Career Development Program Specialist, Althea Webber who has earned the esteemed distinction of "Professional Woman of the Year" by the National Association of Professional Women.

She was recognized for her outstanding leadership and professional commitment.  To view Althea's profile on this national website, visit www.napw.com.


May 25, 2010 - A Career Exploration Expo for Youth at The Great Hall in Hartford's Union Station

Job Fair at Union Station

Nearly 20 exhibitors from private, public and educational organizations generously assembled to meet some of our region's future workforce.

The attending students learned about occupations in various sectors and developed insight into business needs.  We thank the participating organizations and individuals.

May 20, 2010 - 3rd Annual Allied Health Symposium at The Mark Twain Museum
Allied Health Program Grads

Over 100 gathered to celebrate the Allied Health Program's successful beneficiaries and dedicated patrons. Good cheer was as abundant at the festivities as was the grit and determination the adult learners displayed through their courses and training.

There were moving and inspiring stories from both program participants and supporters.   We were fortunate also to have a highly engaging Keynote Speaker, Visael "Bobby" Rodriguez, Chief Diversity Officer at Baystate Health.

May 14, 2010 - A Full Room of Workforce Professionals

Workforce Development Training 260 CTWorks staff from the state's five workforce regions got new ideas and inspiration at an all day training session in Rocky Hill. Attendees represented all facets of service - greeters, customer service, job development and core service staff.

Greg Newton, a nationally renowned workforce development expert, delivered the opening, lunch and workshop programs on topics such as on-the-job training, getting people placed after occupational skills training and delivering excellent customer service in the One-Stops.

Other workshop topics included: business services, online job search options, dealing with individuals with mental health or substance abuse issues, professional development credentials for One- Stop staff, helping the white collar dislocated worker and green jobs opportunities.

May 13, 2010 - The City of Hartford 's Internship Program (CHIP) Recognizes Employers

CHIP Employer Award Emma Asante (left) of NBC Universal is recognized for her leadership in providing meaningful internships for Hartford students who are focusing their careers on media and journalism. Also receiving an award was Attorney Crumbie from Crumbie Law Firm and approximately 80 students from Hartford Academies of Law and Government, Global, and Journalism and Media.

In the photo (l-r) are NBC Community Affairs Director Emma Asante, City of Hartford's Enid Rey and Rachel Rivera, and Capital Workforce Partner's Anthony Wilson.


By Charles Botts and Joseph Seymour,

 CTWorksJob Development Team

Professionally dressed individuals sit attentively in a packed conference room at 3580 Main Street in Hartford CT. They listen closely and take copious notes as the facilitator before them elaborates on “developing a personal brand” and “how to most effectively leverage their LinkedIn networks.” At first glance, one would assume this is some sort of company-sponsored professional development workshop that one of the area’s large local corporations is hosting for their management teams. However, upon closer inspection you will find that this is in fact an introduction to the F.I.R.S.T. Program sponsored by Capital Workforce Partners and offered at the North Central CT Works One-Stop Career Centers in order to help unemployed, state certified, dislocated workers get back to work. 

FIRST (Focused Intensive Re-employment Success Training) was developed  by a small group of workforce professionals from CTWorks in conjunction with Capital Workforce Partners, the North Central CT workforce investment board, to the meet demands of an increasingly more sophisticated and experienced unemployed population. This unprecedented economic climate has greatly altered the profile of the average dislocated worker who participates in the unemployment process. A significant increase in the college-educated, white and blue collar career professionals seeking services has required workforce development professionals to be more creative and refined.

Today’s unemployed professional faces several unique barriers, including -

·         Lack of job search skills due to length of consistent employment

·         The need to consider a career change as a result of being laid off from less needed occupations

·         Dealing with the possibility of age discrimination

·         Lack of the technological skills and confidence necessary to compete in today’s job market

The FIRST Program addresses these barriers through four interactive and intensive components:

1.       One-on-one reemployment consultation

2.       The FIRST Program workshop series:

·         FIRST Impressions
·         FIRST Class Resumes
·         FIRST Place Interviews
·         Twenty-FIRST Century Job Search Technology


3.       Impact Networking Cohorts

4.       Job Development

The FIRST Program is facilitated by motivational Reemployment Coaches who specialize in workshop facilitation and one-on-one consultation. For unemployed individuals who do not meet the FIRST eligibility criteria, the North Central CT Works One-Stop Career Centers still have an array of career development and job matching services including career interest and suitability self assessment tools, professional skills development workshops; as well as a team of professional job developers who are available for individual and group appointments.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other services offered at the North Central CT One Stops please visit the Hartford One Stop at 3580 Main Street or call: 860-256-3673.

May 2010 Newsletter

Upcoming Spring Events:  May 20 and June 17.  Please come on out and support us. 


  • On May 17, we host the Third Annual Allied Health Symposium at Mark Twain House, Hartford. 
    We look forward an afternoon of recognition and sharing of achievements by participants in our
    Allied Health programs. 
  • On June 17, we host the annual Workforce Stars Breakfast, once again marking distinctive
    leadership and support for workforce development in our region.  RSVP
    or 860-522-1111.

May  11, 2010 – Great Summer Youth Job News!

Thanks to the active leadership of state officials and to our committed advocacy supporters for summer youth employment, the North Central Connecticut region will have summer job and learning opportunities.

Little Girl with Program ShirtThe funds, pending from the City of Hartford, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and American Savings Bank, will give over 900 young people opportunities in Hartford and New Britain.  Over 500 Hartford youths will benefit from a Tier II program, and the remainder will be younger youths in Tier I programs.

With the passage of the State budget on May 5th, State Youth Employment Program funding of $3.5 million supports youth employment.  This, thanks to the leadership of State Representative Marie Kirkley Bey, Rep. Toni Walker, State Senator Don DeFronzo, and Governor Jodi Rell’s TANF Task Force.  With the Governor’s TANF workgroup subsidized employment program, the state commitment leverages federal funds to enable an additional 1300 TANF ECF Tier III work experiences in Hartford, New Britain, Bristol and suburbs.

Finally, with our Out of School Youth employment program (still in development), we expect to provide up to 340 youths with opportunities for the summer and beyond.  In total, the 2010 program is shaping up to benefit over almost 3000 young people in the region – several hundred more than the federally-supported program last year.   It should be a very rewarding summer. 

May 8, 2010 - Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program (MCJTP) Successfully Saved for 2010 - 2011. 

Rose Sbalcio and Stephen Good We thank our legislators, state legislative leadership and Governor Rell for their support and confidence in our program.  $1.3 million for the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program (MCJTP) made it into the Jobs Bill passed late on Saturday, May 8, by the Connecticut General Assembly.

This caps efforts of a committed Governor’s task force, that included Jim Boucher and Tom Phillips, to win state support for this proven foreclosure mitigation effort. Rose Sbalcio and Stephen Good (pictured here) stayed steadily on-task here at Capital Workforce Partners, and they can continue helping viable clients and extend support to many more. Likewise, the Mortgage Crisis Consultants based in Bridgeport can support their clients.

Lindy Lee Gold remarked: “Nationally, many mortgage modifications have failed and I think that resulted from focusing only on the mortgage payment not the earnings potential of the borrower.  As of 3/31/10 our MCJTP had 577 persons who either completed or remain in training programs.  All but 4 have successfully avoided foreclosure.  These results validate the premise that education and training leads to earning growth (or a job if one was unemployed) which contributes to a successful mortgage modification effort.”

“Connecticut ranks 15th nationally in foreclosure activity. Both its quarter-over-quarter and Q1 2010 vs. Q1 2009 numbers increased faster than national rates.” says Rick Sharga, a VP at RealtyTrac the national news source and information supplier to policy makers. “We believe that the state's foreclosure numbers would be higher than what our report shows except for some of the programs that exist in the state, especially the mediation program that required lenders and borrowers to discuss options for loan modifications and other alternatives to foreclosure. Educational programs like the one you reference {MCJTP} can only help as well.  This may be especially true in a state like CT, where the foreclosure process is a bit more complicated than in most other states.”

The MCJTP program has had more than 3,000 referrals of families delinquent in their mortgage payments. Referrals come from the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, Judicial Mediators, banks and many other sources.  A thorough assessment is made of each referral to create a customized service plan and to be sure that a training investment is likely to grow earnings.


April 26, 2010 - Manufacturing and Engineering Employment and Resource EXPO at Goodwin College a Hit with Attendees and Employers

Manufacturing_Engineering_Employment_and_Resource.jpgAt Goodwin College, 20 businesses and 100 job seekers attended a jobs EXPO focused on area manufacturing and engineering firms and on job seekers with technical skills.  Several employers and job seekers left with valuable leads and interview callbacks. 

Along with employers and job opportunities, organizations were present that offered technical training, education, funding, workshops and new business start-up advice. 

Unlike a traditional job fair, these employers and job seekers effectively engaged with each other, and job seekers found particular value in resume critiques by experienced industry leaders.  Along with our exhibitors, we want to thank Mayor of East Hartford, Melody A. Currey, Senator Billy Ciotto and Goodwin College President, Mark Scheinberg (pictured here, l-r).  Click here (1.31 MB PDF)to get the report.


April 22, 2010 – Board Members Briefed on Hartford Public Schools

April 22 2010 Board of Directors Meeting.jpgIn a unique briefing at the recent Capital Workforce Partners Board Meeting at the Hartford CTWorks One-Stop Career Center, Steven J. Adamowski (left), Hartford Superintendent of Schools, educated the Board on his team’s hard-hitting strategy for school reform. 

State Representative Kelvin Roldan (right) further described the growing alignment with Capital Workforce Partners.  We thank them for sharing a penetrating analysis and for reviewing Hartford’s inspiring progress.  Click here (554 KB PDF) for the report. 



Website Continues to Soar –WWW.CAPITALWORKFORCE.ORG

The Capital Workforce Partners website has proven to be a useful information and recruitment tool our Summer Youth Employment program.  It's providing timely information to thousands of youths, parents, educators, community agencies and employers. 

In fact, the youth program was the key reason the site experienced a 48% increase in monthly hits in April.  The two online sign-up packages for the Summer Youth Program had 20,000 hits, alone.  Other popular areas continue to be the Disability Services and Resources page, CTWorks portal and Career Planning portal




Board Members / Staff

Currently 44 Board Members: 23 Private Sector and 21 Public Sector

New Board Members
Jason Howey, Vice President, OKAY Industries, Inc. Lindy Lee Gold, Senior Development Specialist, CT Dept of Economic and Community Development

New Hires: July - December
Danielle Bradley, Chief Financial Officer
Michael Bianchini, IT Manager
Elizabeth Begley, Long Term Health Care Manager
Suzanne Dutilly, Board Support Administrator
Stephen Good, Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program Specialist
Nicole Heath, Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program Specialist
Tim O'Neil, Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program Specialist
Vivian Rivera, Administrative Assistant / Committee Support
Rose Sbalcio, Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program Specialist
Kamalah Hill, Program / Fiscal Support Specialist
Nicholas Francis, Marketing Communications Specialist


Board Redevelopment

Much of our board redevelopment tasks are well underway. In December of 2007 and through the early months of 2008 the Board Development Task Force set out to map a new, progressive direction. A new mission statement was adopted: "We leverage public and private resources to produce skilled workers for a competitive regional economy." On March 27, the Governance Committee was established with co-chairs Charles Smith and Jon Coleman, and a new committee structure follows:

  • Executive Committee of CWP Board of Directors

      • Legislative Advisory Committee
      • Finance and Audit Committee
      • Governance Committee
      • Strategic Management Committee
      • One-Stop Services Committee
      • Future Workforce Services Committee

    Also, as part of this effort, board members can access meeting minutes, agendas and more, all at www.capitalworkforce.org and just click on Board Member Information.

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    Service Providers Gathering (hosted by CL&P) – October 30, 2008
    The CTWorks Career Centers were exhibitors at Connecticut Light and Power's Social Services Networking Day October 30 at the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell. There were over 100 exhibitors at the annual event that promotes
    the importance of energy conservation and highlights the region's community organizations and the services
    they provide.

    United Way Campaign – November 11, 2008
    Capital Workforce Partners' Tiffani Jones coordinated this year's campaign and raised $6,178 for the United Way of Connecticut. Some of the fundraising activities included a silent auction of items donated by CWP employees, and an employee breakfast. The staff exceeded the goal.

    Thanksgiving Turkey Donation – November 24, 2008
    Capital Workforce Partners ran an internal fund raising effort to provide Thanksgiving turkeys to families in the community. Raffle tickets for a holiday gift basket were purchased by the staff and enough money was raised to donate eight 20-lb turkeys to the Stewart Community Center in Hartford, on behalf of Capital Workforce Partners and Shop Rite of Manchester.

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    Future Workforce Division

    April 29, 2009 - Summer youth employment application sessions have been met by unprecedented enthusiasm from young people applying and families showing considerable interest. Overflow sessions have shown the great interest, popularity and demand for summer youth employment!  Changes to this year’s program initiated by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA - federal economic stimulus program) have necessitated “intake sessions.” These are 20-30 minute individual intake sessions requiring specific, mandated documentation.  

    While Capital Workforce Partners has welcomed the ARRA funds with great excitement, as it is the first major federal government reinvestment in summer youth jobs since the 1990s, it is important to note that without significant state, municipal and/or other philanthropic funds – only a percentage of applicants (i.e.: less than a half of those applying] will be accepted for this summer youth employment program. The economic stimulus program limits summer youth employment funds to low income individuals and families that also must meet a number of risk categories. See the following web-site for further information: http://capitalworkforce.org/partners/PP705_Income_Guidelines.shtml

    In attempts to assure that all summer youth employment applicants are able to get a summer job, Capital Workforce Partners further stresses the need for additional state, local and philanthropic funding.  Youth employment is at lowest level since pre-World War II, and 50% of the new unemployed are from 16-30 years of age.  In addition to gaining critical work and career experiences through their summer job(s), young people spend much of their well-earned pay-check back into the local business community as economic stimulus.  Summer youth work experiences also contribute to school retention, graduation and preparation for success in higher education.

    Toward this goal of all youth employment applicants getting a summer job, Capital Workforce Partners stands ready to further continue its work with state and local public/private leaders to further identify any state and/or local fund development options that might still be available to meet this goal.  The summer youth jobs issue has received significant support by state, local and philanthropic leaders in the past and it is our hopes that this will continue this year.  For more assistance on this, please contact our offices immediately and we will work with public/private officials to support this effort. 

    Also, click here for the ongoing schedule of youth employment application Sign Up Sessions and Checklist of Required Documents.

    April 13, 2009 - A Full Schedule of Youth Employment Recruitment Starts This Week - Intake "Sign Up" sessions will take place daily throughout the region and are required in order to sign up, as much documentation is needed. Click here for the schedule of Sign Up Sessions and Checklist of Required Documents. In addition, we have received good news that the State Legislature has recommended to continue the State Youth Employment Program at $1-million to complement the funding of the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to also provide summer jobs to young people throughout Connecticut.

    While the State's program will serve less young people than in previous years, the eligibility requirements are not as stringent as the Federally Funded program. The continuation of the State program is critical, as just cited by Andy Sum in the Northeastern University, Center for Labor Market Studies' update on how the recession's impact on youth employment is tremendously concerning:

    "From November 2007 (the month prior to the beginning of the recession) through March 2009, individuals between 16 to 30 years of age account for 50% of the net decline in employed persons," stated Andy Sum. As a result of these findings, NBC Nightly News (Brian Williams show) is planning to run a story in the upcoming days.

    States such as Massachusetts (where the Labor Center is located) have responded with a goal of 10,000 summer youth employment jobs this summer through maintaining their state line item at $6.7 million, adding the ARRA Workforce Investment Act funds, and adding an additional $3.3 million in ARRA crime prevention funds.

    Youth leaders in the State of Connecticut are encouraging Connecticut legislators to continue to show their support by taking similar steps. In the meantime, we are anxiously recruiting for the Federal program, reaching out to a new target 19-24 year olds and out of school youth who were previously not eligible for the program in previous years and will aim to accommodate as many previous State program participants as possible.

    Year Round Youth Employment Program in Action - November 6, 2008 Tier II students from Our Piece of the Pie's River Wrights Program participated in a tour at the Travelers Local Area Network Center. Students learned how Travelers uses Information Technology to serve its customers and employees. The tour was coordinated by Travelers' IT Leadership Development Program.

    Dream Resume Winners Recognized at Workforce Board Meeting - September 25 , 2008 Students Edward Brown and Chelsea Davies pose with Summer Youth Employment Program Coordinator Dennis Mink after their resumes were selected from over 470 New Britain and Bristol area students in the 2008 Youth Employment and Learning Program.

    Edward who was with OIC this summer is an aspiring computer engineer and Chelsea (with BCO in Bristol) hopes to become a psychologist or Social Worker.

    New Britain Lions Club Honor Summer Youth Program Participants at September 23 Luncheon

    This past summer two New Britain students, Scotty Santa and Marie Cruz, worked at the Lion's Low Vision Center where they helped translate documents and greeted patients. At the September 23 Luncheon, the Lions Club acknowledged the work of Scotty and Maria as well as others who participated in the Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program. In the photo are (l-r) Cathy Sylvester, CCSU Institute of Technology and Business Development, Lauren Eddy, CCSU student intern, and Dave Koscuk and Carolyn Messier of the Lions Club.

    Urban League of Greater Hartford Drives Career Competencies Home - August 8, 2008 Seventy-five youths participated in both Tier I and Tier II programs over the summer, learning career competencies skills. They celebrated the culmination of their 6-week program with a ceremony in which participants shared their dream resumes, focusing on the education and career experience needed for their chosen occupational field. Participants also displayed dream resume collages at the celebration.

    What's Your Occupation? - August 6, 2008 Hundreds of young 14-17 year olds had the opportunity to learn about various occupations at the first Career Expo designed exclusively for Tier I and Tier II youth in the Capital Workforce Partner' Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program. The event was managed by and held at Restoring Lives Ministry, Inc. located in the House of Restoration Church in Hartford. Participating businesses including Northeast Utilities, CT Land Surveyors, Stylists and Fashion Businesses and the CT State Police and Hartford Fire Departments were impressed with the questions and career preparedness of the youth who attended.

    Capital Workforce Partners and Our Piece of the Pie lead National Webinar Discussion - August 6, 2008 Focusing on improving youth literacy and career competency skills, Bob Rath, President and CEO of Our Piece of the Pie and CWP's Chief Operating Officer Alex Johnson lead a US Department of Labor webinar discussion with about 300 attendees from across the country. CEO Tom Phillips conducted a later Webinar on WIA performance.

    Summer Program Youth Tour CT Culinary Institute - July 31, 2008 Thirty students from New Britain's Opportunities Industrialization Center toured the CT Culinary Institute for an inside look at possible career options for their futures. Although only a few were interested in culinary arts before the guided tour, many students soon became fascinated by all the Institute had to offer. Highlights of the tour included visiting the kitchen-classrooms as culinary students were in the midst of preparing entrees for their assignments, and listening to one of the Institute's renowned professors speak about the art of cooking.

    YO! (Youth Opportunity) In 2000, Hartford received one of 36 Youth Opportunity Grants from the US Department of Labor (USDOL). The primary goals of the program were to support youth in their efforts to achieve success academically and to develop the skills necessary to be self-sufficient contributors to the community. The lessons learned and best practices flowing from the YO! Hartford experience included the concept of case manager as a broker, rather than deliverer, of services, the use of a "tiered" approach to delivering services to different clusters of youth, and the importance of youth oriented "places" that can serve as one-stops for youth. Important management best practices include the development of an internet-based cross-partner database, and the nurturing of partner relationships through fair and clear resource allocation as well as continuous inclusion of partners in service design and continuous improvement discussions.

    The bottom line: The YO! Hartford program had considerable impact on the youth served, and the best practices and lessons learned from its implementation and continual improvement are being sustained through current youth programming efforts.

    In addition, the national study found:

    • YO succeeded in increasing the percentage of youth in high poverty areas who enrolled in postsecondary education.

    • Adults and youths within the YO communities attributed the program with providing a safe space for young people, quality youth and adult relationships, enhanced training and education services and opportunities to be productive.

    • For males there was a movement from out-of-school youth idleness to school enrollment, for females the results were mixed.

    Career Connections Program - November 5, 2008 The Bushnell Theater hosted this year's Career Connections 2008-2009 Kickoff. Program coordinators, students, parents and employers welcomed another promising year of success. Participating employers have offered several opportunities to the students including company tours, career exploration days, job shadowing, internships, and pre-apprenticeships.

    New Research Data Available - The State Department of Education has received data from the State Youth Employment Program and has processed that information to help us identify benchmarks and goals for the coming years. Until now, we have only been able to measure outputs. For example, the number of youth participants and the number turned away. Now we will be able to measure outcomes. For example, the number of graduates in a particular program versus similar youth who did not participate.

    Upcoming Future Workforce EVENTS:

    February 11th 2009 - "Connecticut Youth Employment Day"

    • 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 a.m. Legislative Office Building Concourse: Display Materials for CT Youth Employment
    • 4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. PROGRAM: House of Flags: Each Program bring staff, 2-3 youth, parent(s)

    Please join us!!

    March, 2009 - Conference on the Benefits of Connecticut's Youth Employment Program: Including Youth Agencies, Office of Workforce Competitiveness, Connecticut Workforce Boards, Youth Service Bureaus, Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, School Systems, etc.

    April 2009 - Capitol Youth Employment Day: Youth Who Have filled out applications for youth employment

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    One-Stop News

    March 13 , 2009 - Senator Christopher Dodd Visits the Manchester CTWorks Career Center - to hear from area businesses, job seekers and workforce professionals. Shown in the photo (l-r):

    Manchester Chamber President – Sue O’Connor;

    President and CEO of Capital Workforce Partners – Thomas Phillips; Manchester Mayor - Louis A. Spadaccini; Senator Christopher Dodd; Capital Workforce Partners Board Chair and Owner, ShopRite of Manchester – Rich Cohen; Capital Workforce Partners Chief Executive Officer, Alex Johnson; Department of Labor, CTWorks Regional Center Director – Ram Aberasturia



    Enfield L.I.F.E. Open House

    Enfield L.I.F.E. (Low Income Families Employment) One-Stop Open House – January 14, 2009
    The CTWorks One-Stop Career Center in Enfield introduced their L.I.F.E. program to the town in an open house at the Enfield Town Hall January 14.  A current success in Manchester, Hartford and New Britain, this program offers one-on-one support, a career coach, skill assessments, testing and goal setting tools to qualifying low-income residents.

    One-Stop RFP Posted – this Request for Proposal was posted on December 22nd and will close March 16th.  The goals for this proposal include: 1) Increase efficiency of One-Stop Operations, 2) Improve WIA and JFES Performance in CWP Operations, and 3) Enhance Quality in One-Stop Service Delivery.

    The intent is to achieve CWP’s vision and goals for the One-Stop system including: 1) The identification of a single region-wide contact for Core and Enhanced services, 2) Identifying a single region-wide contact for WIA Adult / Dislocated Worker / Jobs First Employment Program (JFES) that integrates assessment, case management and job preparation and placement services, and 3) The expansion of CWP Career Competency development and measurement programs for Jobs First participants.  Stay tuned for the outcome.

    One Stop Team of Experts
    58 partner employees from our One-Stops attended a training & appreciation day last February and formed our first ever One-Stop Team of Experts. The Team of Experts coordinated a thorough assessment of the One-Stops based on our business plan and charter and serves as an ongoing Quality Improvement Team. One of the key deliverables the Team of Experts will produce is a One-Stop manual - one that incorporates all of their input and findings. The draft is due in January.

    CTWorks Gets a Facelift - December 15, 2008
    CTWorks gets a facelift, and just in time for the holidays.  The 3580 Main Street location in Hartford has been particularly busy in these challenging economic times, with a 39% increase in new individuals visiting the center this past quarter compared with the same quarter a year earlier. The new sign reinforces CTWorks as "Your Workforce Connection."  The Career Center is designed to get those unemployed or under-employed back on track and back to work.Senator Joe Lieberman visits the Enfield One-Stop

    Senator Joe Lieberman visits the Enfield One-Stop - December 23, 2008
    In support of workforce programs and the CTWorks system that is assisting job seekers.  After a short meeting with Capital Workforce Partners' Tom Phillips (c); Department of Labor CTWorks Center Director Ram Aberasturia (r); the Mayor of Enfield, Scott Kaupin (not shown) and others -- the Senator toured the center and greeted job seekers.

    New Britain CTWorks Celebrates the Holidays – December 24, 2008
    The CTWorks staff celebrated the holiday season with a buffet-style dinner and gift exchange.  Each dish had a personal touch as they were all prepared by members of the staff. 

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    Business Services

    March 4 , 2009 Connecticut Business Day was held at State Legislative Office Building in Hartford. The Event was hosted by the Chambers of Commerce and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, CBIA.

    It was the largest group in years with about 400 Businesses, Economic Development Professionals and Legislators. Participants wore a badge “The Economy is Issue # 1” symbolizing a message to legislators to cut state spending, preserve tax credits for businesses and resist bills that would mean higher costs for business.  Jason Bram, Economist of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York spoke about the economy, citing parallels between New York and Connecticut. The event was kicked off by Sean Moore, President of the Connecticut Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives and John Rathgeber, President and CEO of CBIA.

    Governor M. Jodi Rell, spoke about her commitment to support businesses in CT. She advised business owners to warn their legislators against bills that might become the “last straw or nail in the coffin” for them” and said “…..we will do anything in our power to keep your business here”.  Presentations were followed by break out sessions in the areas of State Taxes, Labor, Transportation and a Small Business Roundtable that afforded lively discussions between Business Owners and Legislators.

    CT Business Day was attended by CTWorks Business Services Consultants: Mille Lopez-Cook, Susan MacKay, Janet Gemmiti, Cindy Scoville and Angelo D’Alfonso. (Reported by: Janet Gemmiti)


    December 22, 2008 - Southington Care Center Rolls Out Clinical Ladder -  As part of Capital Workforce Partners’ CNA Advancement Initiative funded by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) “students” have the opportunity to overcome skills barriers and “climb” the allied health career ladder and grow with their experience and continued education. Shown here are the most recent Adult Basic Education Class graduates - From left to right: Hanna Gutowski, CNA; Anna Apostolou, CNA; Orlando Borrero,CNA; Elizabeth Begley RN,BSN, Capital Workforce Partners; Connie Poitrus, CNA;  Alda Hyska, CNA.

    US Surgeon General, Mayor Perez welcomed by Capital Workforce Partners’ Marie Spivey – December 2008
    At a December 10th event that focused primarily on primary care and physician issues, Marie set the tone in her introduction of the Mayor to U.S. Surgeon General, Admiral Steven K. Galson, MD., M.P.H.  Marie, CWP’s Health Care Administrator stressed concerns about workforce shortages in health care and also about health disparities that take place in urban areas.  This media event, that took place at the Department of Health and Human Services, honored Carlos Rivera, Director of the Hartford Department of Health & Human Services as he accepted a Champion Award for the Healthy Hartford Campaign.

    Incumbent Workers Program Update
    Capital Workforce Partners has contracted with over 30 companies to provide skills training in manufacturing, and allied health.  Workers at 6 area hospitals are receiving on-site training in basic skills, computer literacy, English as a Second Language and introduction to Allied Health Careers.  It is projected that 630 employees will receive training in FY ’08 – ’09.

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    Career Builder Career Expo – October 15, 2008
    CTWorks and Capital Workforce Partners again participated in this event at the Connecticut Expo Center.  The career fair was an opportunity for job seekers to meet with potential employers.  CTWorks provided on-site support and resume critiquing, which was well received by the job seekers.  As the exclusive partner with The Hartford Courant and Career Builder, CTWorks received thousands of dollars of free publicity in return for providing our service to job seekers at this bi-annual event.

    The New Connecticut Science Center
    Overlooking the Connecticut River, the Connecticut Science Center is expected to be completed and open to
    the public in the spring of 2009.  CTWorks Business Services Consultant, Susan MacKay, reports that the
    Center’s human resources staff has started the hiring process for scientists and educators as well as for
    key support staff. 

    Mortgage Crisis Program

    On February 14, a Foreclosure Prevention Workshop in Hartford was attended by registered borrowers who spoke with our Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program staff, mortgage lenders, loan representatives, and foreclosure prevention counselors. Rose Sbalcio, Mortgage Specialist has said, “The event was huge! Although the media said that there were 900 participants, it felt as if the number was more than that. We had a steady flow visiting our table. Most people were unaware that the program existed and were excited to find a training program that provided an opportunity to become employable in a field that is still viable in this turbulent economy.

    We were told that Countrywide had 500 clients and only two counselors. Washington Mutual indicated that they are setting up centers in areas where they are experiencing a high foreclosure rate. This will provide the borrowers with the opportunity to speak face to face with the lender. I think that was the biggest complaint that we heard at the workshop, the inability to get to the decision maker in their lender’s shop. I have met and enrolled three participants from the workshop into our program, and I am certain that the other Program Specialist have had contact as well. The representative from Fannie Mae was impressed with our program and was going to bring it back to DC.”

    Anyone who wanted more information about the program was given the hotline number, 1-866-683-1682 and the name of the Program Specialist covering their area.

    Of Note:  As of January 15, 2009, the Mortgage Crisis team had 1,600 contacts in its database.  And the problem is not just in the urban cities - Essex, Old Saybrook and Guilford are heavily affected with Farmington, West Hartford and Simsbury not too far behind.

    July 2007 - As part of the statewide, state-funded initiative, Capital Workforce Partners, along with The Workplace, Inc. launched their Mortgage Crisis Training Program in July 2007.  The program, the first of its kind in the country, is dedicated to assisting those individuals hit hardest by a declining economy have fallen behind on their mortgages.  Four Mortgage Crisis Consultants use their expertise to help refocus each client with job placement assistance, credit counseling, financial literacy, and working to qualify each individual for job training scholarships.  In addition, these specialists will partner with credit counselors and supporting agencies to improve the borrower’s financial status with lenders.  Each consultant is currently helping between 30 and 40 clients, and have addressed over 1,600 calls to date.


    CNA Advancement Initiative – Update
    The Health Care CNA Training Pilot Program was launched in 2006 and is aimed at promoting career advancement and strengthening the long-term care and health industry with motivated and educated workers.  The success of the pilot program helped Capital Workforce Partners earn one of six nationwide grants.  The CNA Advancement Initiative has educated 183 participants since its inception.  Of the participants, 85 have earned a clinical specialty certification in their chosen concentration of training.  Course offerings include communication, math, literacy and seven clinical specialty courses.  Each course group is tailored to the facility’s specific needs.

    Lieutenant Anthony Taylor Relates Career Competencies to the students of Urban League of Greater Hartford - December 3, 2008

    Lieutenant Anthony Taylor of the Hartford Fire Department was a guest speaker at Weaver High School on December 3.  A native of Hartford, Lieutenant Taylor had much to share with the attending Urban League of Hartford Tier II students.  He discussed his experiences as a fireman and the choices he had to make to get there.  The Lieutenant devoted extra time to discuss the correlation between career competencies and his success.  Students noted that the enthusiasm and impactful message which Lieutenant Taylor relayed was well received.

    City of Hartford Youth Services Adds a Smile – Youth Services Director Enid Rey gave birth to a healthy girl on December 23rd in Puerto Rico.  Zuleyma is her name and she weighed 7lbs, 8oz.  Mom and baby were released on Christmas day and are doing fine.

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    Professional Development

    Alex Johnson (CWP Chief Operating Officer) and Bob Rath (President and CEO of OPP) coordinating a national webinarWebinars and Teleconferences
    Capital Workforce Partners consistently offers training opportunities through webinars and teleconferences to its employees throughout the year.

    The December webinar, “After the Elections: Workforce Priorities for Congress and the New Administration,”  was presented by David Bradley, Chief Executive Officer of The National Workforce Association (NWA) and USA Works.  David is an
    expert on federal workforce policy and strategies for working with Congress to address support of the workforce system.

    Capital Workforce Partners and CTWorks – Core Workforce Certifications

    Congratulations to the following Capital Workforce Partners and CTWorks staff for achieving Core Workforce Certification through the Dynamic Works courses.  The certification is granted after each candidate successfully completes a series of online courses that are focused on workforce development, the Workforce Investment Act, program management, and communications.




    Karen Brown

    Catholic Charities

    Karen Cirincione

    Human Resources Agency of New Britain

    Angelo D’Alfonso

    Greater Bristol Chamber of Commerce

    Stephen Good

    CWP – Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program

    Chris Kelly

    Career Team

    Kevin Marquis

    Career Team

    Tim O’Neil

    CWP -  Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program

    Paul Pelletier

    Career TEAM

    Sarah Rygiel

    Catholic Charities

    Rose Sbalcio


    Rhonda Thompson

    Career Team


    Other Workforce Development Certifications
    Congratulations to Karen Cirincione, Human Resources Agency of New Britain for her HRA Certified Workforce Development Credential and to CWP's Dennis Mink, Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program Coordinator, who completed Leadership Greater Hartford's Quest Program.

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    CWP Employee Excellence

    Capital Workforce Partners’ “Spot a Star” Award Program
    This award is designed to be spontaneous and recognize a job well done.  Please join us in congratulating Martha Ballestas, Elizabeth Begley, Mike Bianchini, Michael Green, Kamalah Hill, Tiffani Jones, Steve Long, Shelly McKenzie and Marlo Smith and for going above and beyond the daily requirements.  They have all displayed the values that are a true example of what Capital Workforce Partners represents.

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    Capital Workforce Holiday Cheer

    CWP President and CEO at the company Bowling PartyJackie McGravey with her daughter Grace at CWP Bowling PartyStaff Bowling Party – September 12, 2008
    In place of Capital Workforce Partners’ annual summer picnic, this year we tried something different, a bowling night at South Windsor Kingpin.  The turnout was great with employees and family members attending.  It was an environment full of family fun; some showed their competitive side, while others chose to laugh at the sights and sounds of the evening.

    Thanksgiving Luncheon –
    November 19, 2008

    Capital Workforce Partners employees celebrated Thanksgiving with a delicious luncheon prepared by the staff. 

    Holiday Party – December 12, 2008
    This year’s holiday party was held in the Great Hall at One Union Place and catered by Hot Tomato’s Restaurant. 



    Mary Casey (former CWP CFO),Martha Mcleod (President Asnuntuck Community College), and Pamela Nabors (Director of CWP One-Stop Services) at CWP Holiday Party



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    Issue I - July - December 2008
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    Nicholas Francis



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